How to optimize your processes, maintaining a level of flexibility to suit your needs?

By migrating your operational applications to the cloud with IT Logic, you can integrate an infrastructure platform that provides you with the flexibility to grow when you need it. In the cloud, data storage and processing capacity can be scaled on demand, reducing maintenance and operating expenses in a highly secure environment.

We are not intermediaries, we manage our own infrastructure, so we can structure specific solutions. Our main data center is located in Dallas, Texas, connected to the Internet by links from more than 10 different carriers and a bandwidth of 10GbE each through fiber optics.

The execution of your applications will improve substantially by hosting them on our servers, obtaining:

The equipment configuration will be tailored to your specific needs.

Pay for what you use, and you can increase or decrease according to current needs in a very agile way, maintaining cost control at all times.

We review, at no additional charge, your technological environment in order to identify areas for improvement using our services.

We migrate to our cloud your current infrastructure and allow you to validate its correct operation before releasing the service.

We deliver a monthly report with the behavior of the service and the observations and suggestions from our experts.

We have continuous preventive monitoring by our team of experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.*

Our infrastructure has different operating certifications: PCI DSS, SSAE 16, HIPA A, AICPA SOC, among others, as well as continually reviewed security controls.

Custom configurations
We can adapt special operations such as virtual desktops configuration, connectivity via VPN or insertion of physical sentinels on our servers. Consult with our advisors about your specific needs.

*According to the contracted service.

Benefits of IT Logic Cloud VS On-premise infrastructure

One of the main concerns about a new model of infrastructure implementation is its cost, compared to the costs of a traditional on site or on premise model. Most companies are in the process of investing in virtual infrastructures because they are aware that it is the basis for their digital transformation.

We present a comparison of annualized costs on a case study of two servers located in the cloud against their traditional on site location, including their installation, physical space conditioning, and administration and maintenance services.

Platform maintenance

Platform maintenance must take into account electricity costs consumption, air conditioning, license renewal, employees’ salaries and other additional expenses.

Inversión acumulada a cinco años

Projecting the amortization to 5 years, we must consider costs for various expansions towards the 4th year ( infrastructure growth, greater storage capacity, increase in process memory) estimated at 5,800 USD to maintain operating capacity. Additionally, towards the 5th year it will be necessary to renew / expand the on- premise platform (with an infrastructure renovation cost of approximately USD 14,500). Graphically expressed, cloud benefit is obvious.

The advantage of migrating your infrastructure to the IT Logic cloud scheme in cost is remarkable, either whole or partially. The end goal is to obtain the computer resources necessary to have our systems optimal availability, data storage and backups, maintaining at the same time flexibility to grow according to demand and with the right price.

Quote your ideal storage service
If you know the specific characteristics of your cloud infrastructure needs, share their details with us and let us present you the best option for your systems.


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